A unique space dedicated to contemporary art 
Our aim is to enable people to experience and enjoy contemporary arts in a country where we don’t nurture art enough; we project ARTHALLE as a meeting place where everything revolves around ARTS. 
We want to reveal to Romanians the world of contemporary art. A world which is black-and-white and brightly colored, surprising and magical, lively and inspiring. In this world, we discovered the unknown, simultaneously rediscovering what we already knew. 
ARTHALLE is for artists, curators, collectors, art lovers and all those who have a passion for art & culture. 
We focus especially on exhibitions, publications, discussions and specific projects relevant to contemporary themes in this field. 
Of course, well known artists and fine art work has an important place on our agenda. A special attention in our exhibition program is also given to nurturing upcoming artists. 
We start to establish a large network of art professionals and partners. They will help to plan and develop new projects, ensuring that the largest audience possible can experience the power of arts.
ARTHALLE Gallery is wholly devoted to the cotemporary art. 
Our main goal is to encourage the love, appreciation, and collecting of the contemporary art. 
Located in the heart of the future Art District of Bucharest, the Gallery will offer an exhibition space of over 400 square meters, and will features 4 major exhibitions per year and approximately  10-12 minor exhibitions. Exhibitions are the largest part of what we offer and our ambition is to exhibit national and international renowned artists as well as those who are not yet established, but we also plan to offer art courses, lectures and workshops for both artists and art lovers. 
It is the Gallery’s vision to sustain the artists’ freedom of expression by exhibiting them in a setting that is fertile for both the artist and the collector alike. The robust nurturing of an active creative environment solidifies the ARTHALLE’s mission to start building an identity centered on the idea of an exigent ‘now’, paradoxically freed from a rigid canon of spatial and temporal demands, but always sensitive to an ever-evolving dynamic between art and an increasingly educated and inquisitive public. 
Since its inception, ARTHALLE will maintain a rigorous exhibition schedule that features more than 8 rotating exhibitions by our artists each year. As each artist continues to refine their voice, the expanding collection of ideas evolves, exponentially multiplying its reach. 
Alongside its internal programming, the ARTHALLE places great importance on supporting their artists through fostering dialogue and relationships with public institutions, private foundations, museums, and commissioning bodies.
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